Welcome to "SMOOTH HOTELS" - Urban charm and incredible rates.

Our motto? Young & fabulous! We are fans of minimalist design, which is why we have chosen to furnish every room with contemporary and compact design, this philosophy is also reflected in our rates: quite fabulous. In SMOOTH HOTELS you will find a stylish atmosphere where rooms are of compact and contemporary design, full of modern amenities and a young crew who will be the driving force and, always on hand and up to date on the local know how and the coolest trends.
And... if you want to share your experience live in Smooth Hotels you will of course have access to the Free, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, available throughout the hotel as well as in every bedroom. Are you ready to begin your journey with us? Stay fabulous, Stay Smooth.

T. +39 06 99345103
F. +39 06 99345102